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stretching: the brussels sprouts of fitness.

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Stretching just isn’t very romantic. I find that to be really interesting, because being flexible is captivating.   (at least to me it is!) Look at this woman’s poise and strength! When I lift, i get the shaky, exhausted, ‘man- i-just-worked-hard’ feeling.  plus the reward of being a little bit sore so i can manage to […]

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Re-June-vinate: It’s a Get Healthy Challenge

FitnessFoodFood for the Body

It’s a 3 week “challenge.”  Decide what you want changed in your life, and then go for it!  From the start line: On your mark, get set….  This mini-challenge will run 3 weeks.  Each weekday we’ll give you tips on how to live a healthier life.  It takes 3 weeks to make or break a […]

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Mythbuster: Spot Training Works


People always ask, “How do I slim my thighs?  How do I get rid of my love handles?”  Although moves target certain areas of your body, “spot training,” or training one area alone does NOT work!  So what does work, you might be asking?  My first question is:  What do you eat?  Nutrition is 75% of […]

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