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Baked Crispy Chicken and Fresh Roasted Italian Veggies

FoodFood for the Body

This weekend we were graciously hosted by my cousin Shannon (she has a sleep consulting business for kids, so if your child isn’t sleeping straight through the night, get on her site!) for dinner. This recipe is straight from her kitchen. Baked chicken with a little crispy coating, fresh baked veggies with an italian […]

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Quinoa Bowl: A Fiesta-Styled Dinner


Quinoa (keen-wah) is a SUPERfood.  It has 18% protein.  Meat contains 19%  protein, so that gives you an idea how packed in protein this food is!  It takes 12 minutes to make, and you can dress it up any way you’d like!  You can substitute it as a rice, as a pasta, or as a filler […]

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Zucchini, tomato, & bell pepper bake!


Wouldn’t you know it? I just made this great recipe and *DAAAANG* forgot to snap a pic before the pack of hungry boys scooped it onto their plates leaving nothing but a trail of destruction…and a bit of feta which i (of course) picked from the dish.  A girl could have worse problems, so i […]

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