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Boxing Tabata! Printable Card included

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It’s Tabata Tuesday, folks! This one is a GREAT workout. Some people have already done this, including yours truly, and reports say that your arms and back will be sore the next day. And your obliques. What more do you need? This one is a little different. The rests are active ones, meaning we don’t […]

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30 Minute Sizzling Workout: Tabata Training! Printable Card Included

FitnessFood for the Body

Another workout sizzler is here! Happy Tabata Tuesday! Are you looking for: ~an equipment-free, full body workout? ~a short but extremely effective workout? ~more bang for your buck? (i.e.. lots of calories shed in small time periods) ~a workout that can be accomplished anywhere–in the backyard, living room, or garage? ~results in a shorter amount […]

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Tabata Tuesday! 30 minute workout with Tabata Drill Card Included

FitnessFood for the Body

It’s Tabata Tuesday!! Here’s the deal. You want to do these workouts if you have only a little time, but you want a lot of bang for your minutes, because it is a fat blaster, calorie burner, and it’s a GREAt way to get in shape fast. (I didn’t say it’s the only way!) I […]

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