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Great Marriages have Great Visions

Food for the Spirit

I never thought I’d be married.  In fact, on our first date, I told Scott I wasn’t into marriage and frankly wasn’t looking for it.  At all.  He looked at me, a bit wide-eyed, and said, “Okay.”  You can interpret that any way you’d like.   Well, now you know.  I was wrong.  Marriage was and […]

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Love Without an Agenda; Love without Offense

Food for the Spirit

I was praying the other night, and I heard God tell me this: “Love without an agenda, and love without offense.”  Seems easy, right?  I immediately thought of a child approaching a parent–greeting them sweetly, giving dad or mom a nice compliment, you know, as we say “fattening the calf.”  We know the sweetness has […]

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