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Jicama is the new black. (2 recipes in this one!)


What the heck is  jicama? and how do i PRONOUNCE it?? Sometimes i just feel like or menus get to be a little *ahem* FLAT.  Last monday was a holiday, and my monday night BodyJam class was cancelled because the gym was closed, so I was home for dinner.  I can’t remember what i made, […]

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Farmer’s Breakfast (for dinner!?)

FoodFood for the Body

i have this recurring panic attack.  maybe you have the same one… i look at the clock mid day, and exclaim “oh crap…. dinner.” c’mon, i know you feel my pain. Now, i am a HUGE fan of skillet meals.  (I would love to tell you that this is really simple, but i have an […]

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