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Jicama is the new black. (2 recipes in this one!)


What the heck is  jicama? and how do i PRONOUNCE it?? Sometimes i just feel like or menus get to be a little *ahem* FLAT.  Last monday was a holiday, and my monday night BodyJam class was cancelled because the gym was closed, so I was home for dinner.  I can’t remember what i made, […]

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The Slight Edge: Making Small Choices that Add up!

Food for the Body

Okay, listen to this stat: 70% of your health TODAY is determined by the choices you make on a daily basis!  This stat can work either way.   You’re making small healthy choices, and next thing you know, you’re far along the path you want to be!   On the flip side, you’ve made a series of unhealthy choices that seem […]

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