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Fasting from Negativity: A 40 Day Lent Challenge

Food for the Spirit

This is a repost from a few years ago.  I started to write up a fresh little something, and felt it was good to rise to the challenge on this one.  Because tomorrow is the first day of lent, I thought we could embrace a new adventure.  Enjoy, and let’s GO!   ************************* Lent.  Growing […]

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Photo taken outside of my house the other morning!  No filter.  Gorgeous!

Our Words Boomerang

Food for the Spirit

I am loving the season of giving thanks. I find it refreshing to hear, read, and see such gratitude. In this season, I am wondering why we limit this public confession of thanks to just a month? Why not all year? Why not make it a permanent pattern of thinking? I don’t know why, but […]

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