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Bootcamp in the Comfort of Your Home!

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Here’s a workout I put together for Chaim Magazine, and it’s a full body torcher!  So good.  I do it when I don’t have access to my local gym.  It’s a  good one.  Pull up your socks, lace up your shoes, and get after it!  Do the whole circuit twice.  Rest only about 30 seconds to […]

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Sweet Potato Hummus

FoodFood for the Body

So I tried it!  And it’s goooood!  This recipe is in the latest Chaim Magazine, thanks to a gal named Hannah.  It’s raw, it’s healthy, it’s gluten-free, and it’s easy.  Great combo?  I think so!  Click here to check it out in color.  Page 44.  Also included are the my MOST FAVORITE recipes of the […]

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Sweet and Tropical Wheat Grass Smoothie

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Okay, I have to admit when my sister first suggested putting spinach in my smoothie, I thought it was CRAZY!  I tried it, and there hasn’t been a day I don’t put a !CUP! of spinach in my fruit smoothies.  Now, to think I”m adding grass to my smoothies is a stretch…but try it!  It’s […]

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A Downloadable Weekly Meal Planner: Cookly Weekly W/ Ease

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I have found when I plan my meals for an entire week, my week runs so much smoother!  I snack less, grocery shop smarter, eat healthier, and am more efficient with my time when I have a plan.  You might be thinking, “Meghan, this is obvious!,” but I have to work to be this organized!  Preparing my […]

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Inspired Creations


I absolutely adored the weekend.  I FINALLY got to do some creative designing of some wreaths.  I love wreaths.  For my doors, my walls, and for gifts.  I saw some of these ideas on Pinterest (the blog is here–this gal is amazing!), and I immediately started craving crafts!  You know when you walk through a […]

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