About Meghan

I am the one on the left.  I am easily excited, I love a lot of things.  That day we (my sister and I) had an adventure (obviously muddy).  Biked and ran a race.  I love competition, sports, being active, and I love being around people.

Love the water.  Even just being outside–the fresh air, the sun, YES please!  Maybe it’s the Montanan in me.

A little plyometric training: aka BodyAttack

I teach some classes (sports cardio (see above), mixed martial arts, and dance) @ some gyms, and that is one of the highlights of my week.

I love my family, I love get-togethers, and I like a good book, although I find it difficult to sit and relax.  (hence me being completely oblivious to the newest shows on TV–people have accused me of living in a cave!)

I love inventions, ideas, and trying new things, especially food!  I am told the way to my heart is through my stomach.  My favorite room in the house is the kitchen!  A near-perfect scenario:  Jamming to some good music, cooking something up–I am one happy gal!

When I’m in a room full of peops, I like to read people–try to figure them out.  I am pretty observant as to what’s going on and can read into things TOO MUCH!  I find myself analyzing why people say what they say, hence my passion for psychology.  Yes, I’m THAT girl. :)

I like deep conversations.  I really, I mean really, hate gossip.  My dad once said big thinkers talk about ideas; small thinkers talk about people.  I’ve really carried that with me.  I like to talk about things that matter.  Things from the heart.

Enjoying tapas in Ambergris Caye. Phamazing.

I would love to set my feet on every place on earth.  I’m an amateur travel agent.  Amateur, at best.

I have 2 speeds.  Fast and faster.  I am the hare in Aesop’s fable the Tortoise and the Hare.  I drive like the hare, I move like the hare (always take 2 stairs @ a time), I talk like the hare, so I can be very impatient.  I try to get all my groceries or daily gear moved from here to there  in one trip.  Every time.  I am a great starter because I’m an “ideas” gal, but am a not-so-great finisher.

And I love Jesus.  He has transformed my life.

That’s all for now! 😉