How would our lives look if we took a fast from negativity?  What if we spent 30 intentional days in thanksgiving?  What would that look like?  How would that add color and depth to our lives?  Ignite Gratitude is a journal, devotional, and bible study designed to ignite hearts in thankfulness.  Some call it a fast from negativity, while others say it’s an intentional journey of gratitude.  My prayer is that everyone who embarks on this 30 day journey would be deeply touched by the love of the Father.  

Every day of this 30-day journal contains a focused devotion of thanksgiving, bible verses for further study of the topic, and an action. The action may be writing someone a card, journaling thoughts and/or responses, or another act of thanksgiving. You’ll find a catalyst of thanks within each day. My desire is that these devotions would be meaningful, purposeful, and provide upward progression in our lives. 

As I was synthesizing this journal, I kept seeing people’s vision changing from a gloomy gray, to one of vibrant color.  Thankfulness has a way of transforming the way we see things, and it helps us see what is instead of always seeing what isn’t.  Thankfulness sees beauty and solutions, and helps us be lighter and freer as we live our lives.  My prayer is that this would be a tool to go deeper in our relationship with God, with others, and we’d know who we are in Christ.  

These journals can be used for a small group, a couples or family devotional, or a gift for any occasion.  So join me.  Grab a friend/spouse/small group, or grab a mug of coffee, and order yours today!  If you are giving a gift, just enter the details (To Whom:, From:, and any note you’d like written) into the “special instructions” section of the checkout.  If you don’t have paypal, no problem! Just click the second option under “choose a way to pay,” and you’ll be able to enter in other forms of payment.  Here’s to sparking the flame and fanning the fire on gratitude!

Lastly, for every journal purchased, $1 will be donated to A21, a nonprofit who exists to rescue, fight, and abolish human trafficking.

 Price: $15.00 plus shipping