Holiday Book Bundle


I’m so excited to announce my amazing friend Shelly Williams and I decided to team up and bundle our books for a dynamic duo-of-a-gift!  Soar and Igniting Gratitude are now available as a pair!  Perfect for a gift, a stocking stuffer, or for a group devotional.  This will only be available for a short time, so now’s a great time to snag both books for a great price!

Shelly wrote Soar: Resourcing God’s Strength As Your Own, and it will do just that…it will make you SOAR.  I found myself highlighting so much within the book, that it looks like a Christmas tree amongst the pages!  I found it deeply inspiring, and a catalyst for change in many areas in my life that were gray and rutted.  I experienced God in every chapter, and GREAT freedom from applying its truths.  Here’s the book’s description from Amazon:

There is something paralyzing about facing a challenge and feeling inadequate. Our culture says we must be our own source and make it on our own, but God says we are made strong in our weakness and His grace is more than enough to meet all our needs. We are not called to live defeated lives, barely hanging on until we get to go to heaven. If “Christ” means “anointed one” and God is conforming us into His image, we too are anointed ones and able to tap into His power and strength. Many have posed the question: What does it look like to live strong and resilient lives, while at the same time being totally dependent on God? In this book, Shelly invites you to a conversation the way a friend would invite you to sit down for a cup of coffee. This is not merely a conversation about something, but an active impartation that comes from the depths of her own experience. Shelly’s powerful story is sure to become part of your own as you awaken to your true identity in Christ by “re-soar-cing” God’s infinite strength as your own. With His mighty power as your most vital resource, you will ascend to a higher elevation that will enable you to see the bigger picture of how God is writing your story.

The second book is called Igniting Gratitude.  It is a 30 day journal, devotional, and bible study designed to ignite hearts in thankfulness.  Some have called it a fast from negativity, while others say it’s an intentional journey of gratitude.  My (Meghan’s) prayer is that everyone who embarks on this 30 day journey would be deeply touched by the love of the Father.  

Every day of this 30-day journal contains a focused devotion of thanksgiving, bible verses for further study of the topic, and an action. The action may be writing someone a card, journaling thoughts and/or responses, or another act of thanksgiving. You’ll find a catalyst of thanks within each day. My desire is that these devotions would be meaningful, purposeful, and provide upward progression in our lives. 

It’s a book bundle, normally $33 for the two, is bundled at $25 for the pair.  Get yours today!

$25/bundle + shipping