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Breakfast of Champions

FoodFood for the Body
June 1, 2011 / By / , , , , , / 5 Comments
I love this breakfast!  I usually have a smoothie every morning, but if I have a long morning, or a race, I always eat this breakfast.  It’s fit for a champ!  You’ll need: water oats (I use whole wheat, steel cut are good, too) flax seed (awesome for omega-3’s and fiber) peanut butter almond milk (or […]

Homemade Protein Bar: No-Bake Cookie Look-alike!

FoodFood for the Body
May 29, 2011 / By / , , , / 2 Comments
This recipe is from my sis-in-law, Jena!  It’s easy and delicious, and we eat it for dessert too! Here are the ingreds.  You can play w/ the peanut butter to make it healthier.  I also like to do agave nectar with the honey–it tones down the sweetness.  Turn the burner on low.  Put a large […]

Easy Summer Salad: Light and Berry Delicious

FoodFood for the Body
May 25, 2011 / By / , , , , / Post a Comment
I love this salad.  It has crunch, chew, tang, spice and zest.  I’m all about tastes and textures!  Ingredients: Spinach Bleu Cheese crumbles Dried Cherries Grilled Chicken (not in pictures) Almond slices (I like the seasoned ones!) Balsamic Vinegar Dressing Mix together ingreds, and add a bit of balsamic.  Enjoy! This picture is an afterthought!  […]
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