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You Are What You Eat. Food log, Food tips, a giveaway, and more!

FoodFood for the Body
June 20, 2011 / By / , , , , , , , , , / 2 Comments
Week 3!!!!  How are you feeling?  This week is dedicated to eating right.  We have recipes, tips and even a food log you can use.  We will add this layer to our exercising and our spiritual health weeks.  Put all of these together, be consistent, and you are on the road to HEALTH!  DID YOU […]

Re-June-vinate: It’s a Get Healthy Challenge

FitnessFoodFood for the Body
June 5, 2011 / By / , , , , , , , / 1 Comment
It’s a 3 week “challenge.”  Decide what you want changed in your life, and then go for it!  From the start line: On your mark, get set….  This mini-challenge will run 3 weeks.  Each weekday we’ll give you tips on how to live a healthier life.  It takes 3 weeks to make or break a […]

Jicama is the new black. (2 recipes in this one!)

June 5, 2011 / By / , , , , , , , , / 3 Comments
What the heck is  jicama? and how do i PRONOUNCE it?? Sometimes i just feel like or menus get to be a little *ahem* FLAT.  Last monday was a holiday, and my monday night BodyJam class was cancelled because the gym was closed, so I was home for dinner.  I can’t remember what i made, […]
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Hi! I'm Meghan. I'm glad you stopped by. My hope is whether through food for the body or food for the soul, this blog will encourage and inspire you. One of my loves is to encourage others in their journey. Along with that, I hope to share with you my love for food, fitness, and Jesus!

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