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Awesome Ab Workout: 6 Moves to a Stronger Belly

FitnessFood for the Body
October 4, 2011 / By / , , , , / 1 Comment
So Christmas came early in the Bailey household.  My hubby bought me a VITAMIX blender last night!!  Woo woo!  I was screaming, singing and dancing in Costco.  People thought I was crazy until I pointed to the box in our cart, then hopefully it all made sense! YES!!  I mean, if you’ve tried my breakfast […]

Renewing our Fitness Vows: Training for a 5K (or any event for that matter)

September 15, 2011 / By / , , , , / Post a Comment
It’s official!  I have signed up for my second ever 10K!  My challenge to YOU….sign up NOW for a fitness event in October in your area.  If the sound of a 10K is nails on a chalkboard, then sign up for a 5K!   Or a biking event.  Or swimming.  Last year @ this time, […]

Bootie Blaster: Staple moves for the lower body

FitnessFood for the Body
September 6, 2011 / By / , , , , , / 1 Comment
Well, yesterday, a little after midnight, I wrapped up my last family reunion for a while.  My sis (the muddy one in the pics w/ me) and her hubby, and my padres all came down for a visit.  Excited to be back in the blogging world, I have swept the dust off my computer, and I’m […]
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