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Berry and Bleu Summer Salad

FoodFood for the Body
summer salad 2
July 22, 2014 / By / , , , / Post a Comment
Barbecues and summertime. Two of my favorite things.  I know many of you are looking to make healthy changes, and this is a perfect dinner on this journey. Grab a couple handfuls of greens, a palm-size of meat (that’s approx 2-4 chicken tenderloins), then top it with these delights to make your own masterpiece.  Added […]

Making Healthy Changes

FitnessFood for the Body
July 8, 2014 / By / , , , , , , / Post a Comment
I’ve been hearing an undercurrent of people who are saying the same thing:  they ready to make some healthy life changes.  Lately, I’ve had an influx of people asking me for advice, help and tips for making healthy changes.   I’m actually in the same boat.  I am committing to making healthier choices, specifically pertaining […]

Mixed Berry Smoothie Popsicle

FoodFood for the Body
June 25, 2014 / By / , , , / Post a Comment
Popsicles!  They’re not just for kids, and they can be healthy, too!  Remember my mixed smoothie recipe?  I posted it here about a year ago?  It has spinach, protein and mixed berries.  I did the EXACT same thing this time, only I added half water, half unsweetened almond milk.  To give it a bit of a […]
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