Homemade Jerk Sauce


so.  Jerk spice.  hot, complicated.  Let’s make it easier! you decided that you want to add a little flavor to your grilling!?  This homemade Jerk sauce is a great answer because you can adjust the heat – or you can make one without the jalapeno for the family members or guests who prefer no hot […]

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Mission-Centered People: What’s Your Life’s Purpose?

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I was recently listening to a CD by Dr. Robert Rohm (amazing!), who is the author of the DISC assessment in personalities.  It’s fascinating.    Here are the four questions he asked in the beginning of a particular lecture, and I want you to answer them to yourself:  quickly.   1.  What’s the main purpose of a […]

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Fish Tacos: Tilapia with Tomato Avocado Salsa

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There are two recipes here.  I found both of them on one of my FAVORITE websites,  The first recipe is grilled fish, the second is a salsa to top the fish.  Delicious. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll need for the salsa. What you’ll need for the fish taco part. Start by mixing all […]

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Fruit Smoothie For Breakfast-One serving of Veggies included!

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I start every day with a fruit smoothie.  Over 10 years ago, we were at Flathead Lake in Montana, and my aunt started throwing frozed fruit, fresh fruit, juice, honey (you name it!), into a blender.  After that my life was never the same!  I don’t drink these at night because of all the natural […]

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Farmer’s Breakfast (for dinner!?)

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i have this recurring panic attack.  maybe you have the same one… i look at the clock mid day, and exclaim “oh crap…. dinner.” c’mon, i know you feel my pain. Now, i am a HUGE fan of skillet meals.  (I would love to tell you that this is really simple, but i have an […]

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