Onward and Upward

Food for the Spirit

Reflecting on my Thanksgiving, I can’t help but be grateful as I look around.  My life, although far from perfect, is full of joy.  My house is full, my family is near, and the decibel levels under my roof are loud.  It’s the way I love it to be, the way I love it to […]

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Burn the Bird Workout

FitnessFood for the Body

So I’m a tad late posting this, because when I have company, my computer and phone and tablet get stashed and buried into a closet in the evenings. My sis, bro-in-law, and I did this amazingly tough yet simple workout on Black Friday.  Because I’d rather run 4 miles in the cold and do 500 […]

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Happy Cyber Monday! Igniting Gratitude=Free Gift Wrap

Food for the Spirit

Hey guys! Happy Cyber Monday!  I haven’t bought one thing online yet, and hoped maybe this would catch you soon enough before the day’s over.  I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that there is  through December 20th for anyone who buys the Ignited Gratitude Journal as a gift.  Be sure […]

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Isaiah 41:10

Press Through to Break Through: Leaving Comfort for More

Food for the Spirit

Lately, this question has been swirling around in my brain.  Why do we, as complex and creative people, go to such great lengths to be comfortable? Let me first say that I love being comfortable. (Although some may dispute that since I keep my thermostat on a toasty 67.)  I am super practical in the […]

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Keeping Hope Alive

Food for the Spirit

Hey all! Below is a short video (2 minutes 53 seconds) on keeping our hope alive, our souls anchored to hope, and allowing hope to propel us amidst any season.  Let’s not wait for that “thing” to come to pass to hope, or that “thing” to change.  Let’s keep our hope alive by keeping our eyes on […]

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