Seen, Known and Loved

Food for the Spirit
I am seen and known by god
August 30, 2016 / By / , , , , / 2 Comments
I just got back from a week-long school in Redding, CA, and as I re-read my 40+ pages of notes and think about my time, I am reminded again and again of this truth:  I am seen and I am known by my God. This is a theme that I saw (and continue to see) […]

Champion Your Spouse: Keys to a Great Marriage

Food for the Spirit
August 25, 2016 / By / , , , , , / 2 Comments
Last month, my hubby and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. (It was our 8th of working together, too!)  After getting through the first couple of years of a very rocky territory, I can look you in the eyes and say that with each subsequent year, it gets better.  This year has been the smoothest, […]

Courage to Conquer

Food for the Spirit
July 20, 2016 / By / , , , , , , / 3 Comments
I’m actually writing this under the shade of a tree while I’m stranded with a broken down car. Ironically, this is a message that has been in my heart for a while: Do hard things. So as I wait curbside for a tow truck (thanking God for the shade of this tree!), I’m going to […]
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