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Dismantling Lies and Stepping into Belovedness

Food for the Spirit
I am my
January 17, 2018 / By / , , , , , / 2 Comments

I love these pens. To me they represent vibrancy, vitality, variety.  My face erupts in a smile when I unsnap the button to choose which color or tone I will convey on my notepad.  And I carry them with me everywhere I go.  You never know when a splash of color is needed.


I bought these pens about a year and a half ago after a complete stranger (albeit in a church in another state) leaned over to me and started to describe a scene that had unfolded in my world almost 20 years prior.  I had long forgotten this story, but its memories actually triggered something deep within me.  

He described a professor who had singled me out in class (first day of college!), calling attention to my various pens (a lot like the pack o’ pens pictured above), my snacks, my beverages, and saying I was the picture of what an ADHD student looked like.  I will spare you the details, but this scene the perfect stranger was describing was unfortunately a non-fiction one.  He further explained that I had made a promise to myself from that day forward to never stand out so as to never be ridiculed again.  From that day forward, unbeknownst to me, the weight of those words (and my promise) had incredibly negative effects within me.

I had never connected the dots, and thought I had “brushed it off,” until I started to see a pattern ensued after that promise I made to myself.  In the aftermath of that {false} accusation, I skipped almost every public speech I had to give, every public performance (except sports), and started hiding in classes.  I even dressed down.  I shrank back and stopped using my voice.  My god-given gifts and talents were silenced, too afraid to emerge.  I did NOT want to be singled out again.  I would never have given it this language, until this perfect stranger started to tell me this actually wasn’t who I was or who I am.  When I had made that promise, I had actually lent my heart to align with the lie.  Even though I didn’t agree with it, my efforts to prove it false had the same effects.  The man encouraged me to resurrect the colors, the vibrancy, and that I was supposed to stand out. His exact words were “step into the center for HIS attention.”  (We all are made to stand out!)  I burst into tears not knowing that this decades-long chain reaction had even occurred!!  He led me to forgive this professor, break the promise, and told me to go buy a bunch of colored pens.  And so that’s exactly what I did.  :)  I was so undone by the love of God.  He gave a perfect stranger the picture of a scene that had bound me, and through it I was able to find so much freedom.  

This is such a small thing, so very subtle.  We hear something about ourselves (whether someone says it or it’s a thought we have), and we may not even believe it, but a subtle defense mechanism is erected because certainly we aren’t “THAT!”  Or we hear it so many times we think it must be true.  We partner with the lie in one of two ways, usually.  We either agree with it and align our hearts to it, or we go into proving we aren’t that. Either way, it prevents us from running in our lane and often suffocates the very gift God has placed within us to give us His expression of love.  For me, I’m colorful.  I’m a loud talker, pretty outgoing, and I would say, yeah, I’ve got a lot of energy.  Too much?  Not according to God.  Because I did NOT want the label of ADHD (it wasn’t the first time it was suggested), I did everything in my power to be orderly and subdued, and in doing so couldn’t be authentic and shine with the gifts I’ve been given.  You see, these lies are suuuper strategic, and often against the very thing God loves about us and has hand-crafted within us.  They are often in direct opposition to our destinies.  

There are SO many lies that hook us either into believing or spending a lifetime proving we are NOT THAT!  So many of us shrink back, push back, or just fold.  Many have been told we’re too much, some that we’ll never measure up, and so we race on this hamster wheel trying to be known AND accepted.  These lies may not be actual words, but repetitive circumstances that paint a picture.  There is an accuser, called the father of lies (aka the devil) who will do anything to get us into fight or flight.  His aim is for a subtle heart shift so we aren’t burning with passion in our God-given purposes.  But it’s God who is ever-present, waving the flag of identity, of destiny, saying who we truly are.  It’s God who is relentless about us knowing and experiencing how much we are loved and known by Him.

The good news is God told me the truth of who I was, and that He had a dream and wrapped me around it. (I wish I could claim that one as my own, but I heard that one from Bill Johnson. 😉 )  He told me that He created me to be alive and active, with flaGod had a dream, and wrapped your body around itvor, variety, and spunk.  He’s packed me with power and punch.  He didn’t see the label, He sees a destiny with creativity.  He affirmed me and told me to stay in belovedness. (The condition of being beloved.)  He in me; me in Him, learning to become more and more like Him.  The more I know Him, the more I know the masterpiece He’s created in me.  

So in the face of that lie, I bought that pack of pens.  When that box came to my front door, I ceremoniously opened it, celebrating its meaning!  I delight in them every time I open the package.  Because it signifies that I’ve come into alignment with who my Daddy God says I am.  I smile at knowing I get to step into and walk in who God has made me to be.  I can put myself out there knowing I’m always accepted in Him.  I am fully known and accepted.  I am loved and lovable.  This breaks any lie to a million pieces.  Crushes it.  Smithereens. Shackled no more! And that makes me smile too, because if God is for me, no lie can stand against me.  Same with you.  He is always at work, whispering to our hearts who we are.  He will send perfect strangers to set you free.  He will take those labels and cut them loose.  You guys, He is so committed to us!  There’s no breaking point in His love, no exhaustion, no place too far He won’t run to sweep us up off of our feet.  What He says about us is the only thing that matters.  It is the most important piece we need to receive.  

How about you?  Where/what are there lies tainting the true picture of you, ensnaring you?  Where is there a trap laid before you?  Where are you limping/hindered/insecure?  What is God saying? Who is He saying you are?  What is His dream for you?  Ask Him to show you your purpose, your identity.  Break any allegiance to that lie, lay down the need to prove yourself, and forgive who you need to forgive.  Let us throw off anything and everything that hinders us and the sin and lies that so easily untangle us, our minds, our feet, and let us RUN with perseverance the race set out before us. (Hebrews 12:1)  It’s time.  It’s time to move into that space of identity (who you are in God).  We don’t need to prove a thing, but only step into a YES!! to what God is saying.  With every step forward in God, that lie becomes smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror.  With the words of LIFE God speaks to us, we break free from captivity in untruths.   No more shrinking back, no more trying to measure up or perform, just delight in being delighted in.  Lean into Him.  Nestle into belovedness.  Hear what He’s saying; let Him write it upon your heart.  This is who you are!! This is who we are!  I’m praying that above all, you overhear what God is singing over you today. 



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  1. dennis says:

    What an absolutely freeing moment when you can let go of yourself and bask in God’s love and become more of yourself….and celebrating who you can become. Great great post Meghan!

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