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Greatness Redefined in Our Quest for Significance

Food for the Spirit
There is no shortage of
July 12, 2017 / By / , , , , / 2 Comments

15 year coin

Today, I am holding a gold coin that is marked ‘VX.’  To me, this coin represents so much.  It signifies a unifying of ultimate humility and a desire for greatness.  It signifies a recognition and a responsibility to steward a call.  Every year, for the last 7 years or so, my dad’s sponsor sends me his coins because my dad is usually with us during his anniversary of sobriety.  Today I’m holding a coin that represents 15 years of triumph; 15 years of true significance. 15 years of saying yes to all God has and trusting God to make dreams unfold.  I believe the best is yet to come, too!

Everyone is born with a desire to be known, to be important, to be great, to make an impact, and to be significant.  I just spent a week with my 2 nephews, 4 and 2, and I loved the way they described themselves and their aspirations of greatness.  I heard them say words like I am the strongest, biggest, fastest, fiercest—you get the picture.  Youngsters never dream of a life of insignificance or mediocrity.  With puffed chests, every child dreams of being a hero, of being someone important.  God put a deep desire for significance in every single one of us.  One amazing thing we all have in common is a desire that draws on something much bigger than ourselves.  

In that God-given pull for significance, many of us take a route that actually serves as a counterfeit for fulfillment.  Some seek fame and some seek likes/status on social media (there’s a Harvard study on this!).  Some take the path of the pleaser, trying to be everything to everyone, and some take the path of least resistance.  Some compete and claw their way to being the best of the best.  And some just give up because they are tired of running and never getting anywhere—the dream is just too far away, so it’s easier not to go there.  Some turn to drugs, alcohol, or another way to feed this or numb this compelling yet unmet desire for significance.  Can you relate to any of this?

What if I told you that there is no scarcity of significance in the kingdom of God?   

How do we become GREAT and SIGNIFICANT in this life?  These are questions that were warring inside of my heart.  How do I make an impact and be humble?  How do I achieve without competing AND be godly and defer to others?  How can I be successful without self-promotion?  How do I walk worthy of my calling?  Oh, how I desire to be found faithful in every season of my life.  

I have been in a season God has dubbed “rootedness.”  It has felt slow and I’ve almost felt hidden, and yet all the while God was giving me pictures of growing roots wider and deeper in Him.  I felt there was no movement, but the movement was just under the surface, in the dirt where roots grow.  What I didn’t realize is I was holding onto all the promises God had given me, truly treasuring them in my heart, but I was measuring their “success” in all the wrong ways.  Because I didn’t feel like there was enough movement, I felt like I was failing, or falling behind.  Many of these amazing promises I have not yet seen come to pass, and this thing called agony was building up within me.  I was honestly quite oblivious to it.  Until one very recent Sunday evening, God showed me that I was measuring greatness and significance in all the wrong ways.  I was using results, and even a lack of results (all from my efforts), as my measuring tool for greatness.  I was measuring my significance by the number of people who clicked, liked, and purchased.  I was feeling insignificant because I was measuring the gap of where I was to where God is calling me, and that gap seemed HUGE.  He showed me other counterfeit methods I was using to gauge my “success” (YUCK!!), and He put his finger on my disappointment, and asked “Will you trust Me?”  The agony I felt was a fruit of disappointment, and you guys, that agony was deep.  I saw a fear of mediocrity or missing my calling in me, and God was showing me that He finds me significant right now.  He said He’s proud of me.  He said to stop being in such a hurry! (What??  Me, in a hurry?) In the depths of my heart, there was/is a real and godly desire to make my life count, for God to find me faithful in every season of my life.  I have a deep cry for meaning and significance.  You too, right?  

The problem was my definition of greatness.  If I measure greatness by fame/being known/how many followers on Twitterbook :), then I must also ask myself, why are so many celebrities and internet sensations medicating and still so unhappy?  If that’s a true measure for significance, why do so many still search when they “arrive?”  If I say significance is having a top business or being an all-star at something, then I relegate significance to a small % of the entire population and disqualify everyone else.  Greatness isn’t a number or an outside accolade.  And it’s not in a lot of things for which we grasp.  If there is no shortage of significance in the kingdom of God, what exactly does this look like?  

This is where I got hit between the eyes.  God was asking me, “Will I find you faithful if I come back today?  Tomorrow?  In every season, will I find you faithful?”  I heard the scripture “Be it unto me according to Your word,” and it hit me in my bones.  We already bear the seal of God Himself, who made us in Him image, so we ARE significant.  So that has to be settled in our minds so we don’t strive to become something we already are.  And our definitions of greatness are actually completely opposite of what the bible says.  It says the greatest are actually the least, and the greatest are the servants. (That is definitely counter-cultural!)  The ones who are exalted are the ones who humble themselves before the mighty hand of God.  {Luke 9:48; Matthew 23:11-12}  It says we are ALL significant, so much so, that Jesus gave all of Himself for us.  It says every human on the planet has giftings and callings that are irrevocable, and what God does for one, He’ll do for another, so there’s no need to compete or make a name for yourself. God’s already taken care of that in Jesus.  If we want to be great, we humble ourselves and reflect the heart of God.  We look like  and sound like Jesus.  That is greatness.  We don’t need to compete to be promoted.  Rather we are dependent on each other stepping into our calls, so when we are both running, we accomplish more together.  We are more like a school of sharks (just kidding!), no, we are more like a colorful and woven together forward movement, instead of vertically climbing a hierarchical ladder over one another.  One person’s promotion is my promotion.  We receive their reward when we honor their promotion.  There is room for everyone.  There is room for everyone AND their significance.  We are working with a kingdom that has zero limits, and a God that has no end.

Be it unto meaccording to Your word.

What God was showing me, is my definition of greatness needed some serious renovation.  Greatness is not a home run swing; it’s not being the best of the best.  Greatness is found in our position as a daughter and a son of God.  So it’s settled.  This is who we are.  Greatness is consistently trusting God amidst anything.  Greatness is holding fast to the word, the words spoken to us and over us, with perseverance so we will bear fruit a hundredfold.  {Luke 8:15}  Greatness is having the courage to check yourself into rehab (or make any change that holds us back from our destiny) because you know where you’re headed is not where God has you.  Greatness is humility to walk wherever God calls us.  Greatness is doing the hard thing when no one is watching.  Greatness is relying wholly and fully in trusting God, bearing fruit in every season.  {Jeremiah 17:7-8}  Greatness is continually emanating the One after Whom we’ve been made.  Greatness is being defined in who the I AM says I am.  Greatness is found in the sacrifice of Jesus, and knowing you’re seated at a FULL table.  We are significant—so let’s stop reaching for that thing that we think fills that void.  There is no shortage of significance in the kingdom.  God finds us quite stunning! Before God formed you, He knew you.  {Jeremiah 1:5}  There’s no need to prove ourselves, and we aren’t a guest our Father’s house.  And if God hasn’t given up on us, neither should we give up on us.  We are that significant. Our lives count.  He names us and calls us.  That’s enough for me! 

My dad isn’t famous (although he is in my eyes), but I would describe him as a GREAT man.  Why?  Because He followed God no matter the cost, and 15 years ago got sober.  Because of that one courageous decision, it changed the ENTIRE course of my family.  Because of his humble steps, I started to ask the question, “Who is this God?” And when I saw radical transformation, I wanted to know God.  My whole family walks in wholeness now.  That is greatness.

What desires do you have that are deeply planted within your heart?  Are you reaching out for significance in a counterfeit way?  Where do you need to settle down and know you’re significant?  Where do you need to lay down tendencies to “be great” that are contradictions of what God says?  Where do you need to trust God with everything He’s said about you? Beloved, be it you according to His word.  Our quest for significance is found in Him alone.  Nothing else will satisfy.  



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  1. Gigi Murfitt says:

    Loved this post Meghan!! So well said. To see God’s work is amazing. And to know it personally is even more so. Bless you for sharing so others can see His Love available to all. Hugs.

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