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Our Words Shape Our Kids

Food for the Spirit
October 29, 2014 / By / , , , , / 2 Comments

I was driving down my new neighborhood, and I passed by a house that had a HUGE pumpkin patch in their backyard. These pumpkins were larger than the span of my hug. I saw the delight in the kids picking out their very own pumpkins, and thought about how those massive gourds start with a seed. What a great illustration and reminder on sowing and reaping. A small seed was sown, and a massive fruit (isn’t a pumpkin technically a fruit?) was reaped.

Sowing and reaping, as I know you know, is an irrefutable law. Galatians 6 says “God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” The NLT of this verse (7) says that we will always harvest what we plant.

Regardless of how it’s applied, sowing and reaping always works–both positively and negatively. It works and is working in every area of life–relationships, investments of time and money, work, words of blessing, words of gossip or slander–you name it, and this law applies.

Recently, I feel like God has been magnifying the power of words regarding sowing and reaping, especially within the family unit–from parents to kids. I have been privy to some recent events, seeing parents reap the words they’ve sown for years into their children, in bringing both darkness and light. I have seen families reap the benefits of championing their kids, encouraging them to pursue what God’s put in their hearts, and these young children are taking the world by storm. I have also seen families reap the destruction of the words that have been spoken over them. I see broken and tormented young adults that are no doubt reaping the very same words spoken over them growing up. Maybe you’ve seen that before too; it is extremely painful to watch.

I have seen and experienced the reaping from sowing encouragement, patience, and quality time into my marriage. We once were lost, but contrary to anything we saw, we kept sowing into our marriage (time, prayer, patience, kindness and gentleness, among many things), and now, we reap a healthy, vibrant and fun partnership in life! I’ve also experienced the reaping of the negative words I’ve spoken, and so has the recipient of my words reaped their ugly consequences. Because I was a teacher for years, I have seen children reap exactly what their parents have sown over them, especially in regards to words. I’d like to encourage any parents today to be deliberate about sowing words into our kids. I believe it’s a matter of life and death. “Life and death are in the power of the tongue,” according to Proverbs 18.

Our words shape our children. And no doubt, what we sow, we all will reap.

I recently heard a pastor describe a brilliant friend and co-worker of his. He was skilled in many areas, very business savvy, and they were working on a project together. Every time he went to drive in a bolt with a screwdriver, he fumbled and couldn’t do it. The degree of difficulty for this small task, and the amount of frustration it brought to the man was astonishing to the pastor. He started asking him some questions, and uncovered the fact that the man’s father had told him all throughout his childhood that he was so dumb, he couldn’t even screw on a bolt. And what do you know? That’s exactly what he was reaping. Those words literally bound him to reap what was sown.

I have seen firsthand many other stories like this–sowing and reaping is real and at work at all times. The words “crazy, wild, weird, stupid” have detrimental effects on children, even in jest. I have seen children grow up to be exactly those things in their adult years. On the flip side, I have also seen the words “able, champion, strong, powerful” have explosive effects. Look at the picture of that powerful little man in his batman cape! That is one edified little guy!!

Today I am aiming to raise awareness. Consider what we sow out of our mouths, and know, without a doubt, it will be reaped in some way. So be diligent in sowing words that bless, lift up, and edify, and don’t grow weary in this, my friends! We will reap what we sow, and with it the possibility of raising up world changers.

Ask God to show you the heart of your child, and start championing that today.

If God created the world with a spoken word, and we are created in His image, the same truth applies to us. Consider today, if we are reaping negatively in any way or any area, it could be that we have sown the same seed. If that is true, start sowing good seed immediately! (This works in all areas of life, too.) Here’s the good news. If you have been a recipient of some bad seed, Jesus is so good to give us freedom. He can break the cycle. Pray this with me, “Thank you in the powerful name of Jesus, that any negative word spoken over me is bound up and broken, and all their effects are cancelled today. I forgive and bless this person. I no longer walk in the negative words spoken over me, and I now walk in what God says about me. Thanks God for calling me a beautiful, talented, able and WORTHY son/daughter of you. Thanks for loving me and covering my hurts with your perfect, unconditional love. Show me who I really am, help me grow up in who you’ve created me to be!” He will literally change the course for you, if this was for you today.

If God is tugging on your heart that some bad seed has been sown from your mouth, ask Him to forgive you. He brings forgiveness every time, without delay, to the one who asks. And if possible, go to the person that has received the words, and do the same. Ask them for forgiveness, and allow God to show you what to do and say. He can bring healing to anyone and any scenario.

Even if our children are not acting in ways that we deem appropriate, find avenues to build up, lift up and encourage. Take every chance to sow into them. Think of your words as sprinkling beautiful seed in the young soil of their hearts. Champion their God-given purpose and destiny. All kids have that within them, they just need help drawing it out. Imagine the massive and bright pumpkins that were sown from the garden of my neighbors (think exercise ball-sized), and the excitment, fulfillment and satisfaction of the ones who got to harvest them. We want to reap healthy, free and powerful young ‘ens. Heap those types of words onto the ears of our beautiful children, be a conduit of intense blessing. Let your tongue bring life to the fullest! Imagine your words as a catalyst for all great things, for all things possible, and for heaven to be seen on earth.

Love you guys! Have an awesome day.

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  1. Kelley Bain says:

    That is so beautiful. I love it and I am so upping my game as a mother. Juliana is a world changer!!!

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