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Forgiveness Releases Unmet Expectations

Food for the Spirit
January 29, 2014 / By / , , , , / 2 Comments

Forgiveness is big. No, it’s huge. It’s vital to living. It has many facets and can come in many different packages. But this I’ve learned and will continue to learn, the alternative to forgiveness leaves us in bondage, and bitterness knows no ally. We reap what we sow; so we are actually the ones who reap the nasty fruit of unforgiveness, leaving us isolated and in a state of more hurt than our perpetrators.

Now for the good news. Forgiveness releases bitterness and resentment. It can even heal physical pain in our bodies. That pain we feel in our backs, necks, and that pain in our butts (sorry, couldn’t resist!), could be from a sprouted seed of bitterness, anger or resentment.

What God has shown me in the past, is that my unmet expectations in situations, and people, have caused that sneaky little seed of poison (bitterness) to plant itself in my sunny soul. Luckily, it didn’t grow to a full tree, causing illness in my body, it just darkened many facets of my life and some of my relationships.

After trying to get my expectations met (they were often unfair and unattainable, but many were realistic), and failing miserably to accomplish my needs being met, I decided to do something different! (Remember that definition of insanity??)

God showed me the power of forgiveness. He showed me passages alllll over the Word that say I MUST forgive, as He had forgiven me. I had always thought of forgiveness as a reaction and choice response to a negative event. I had never equated forgiveness with releasing an unmet expectation! I was exalting my expectations over everything and everyone! And was dang disappointed. It’s when I released those expectations to God, that things started to happen!

I had to practice it a few times, but when I asked God to forgive me of my relentless pursuit and failure to get my expectations met, I felt tangibly lighter, free, and sound (clear) in my mind. I felt beauty and love take over the space where bitterness had lived. I felt restoration fill the space resentment had encamped upon. And guess what? Results started flooding in! The things I had so desired started to happen once I got out of the way! Amazing, right?? (Thanks for your mercy, God!!)

God showed me that I had been seeking my expectations more than Him! I talked about it more than anything else to Him. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in conversations when all someone can talk about is that one thing! God was feeling that same frustration! I had been “believing” God to change circumstances, and with every day that passed, I got more and more restless. I would again take my needs by the reigns and start to “make things happen,” and I’m sure you can guess how well that turned out! It spiraled pretty quickly, and until I finally handed over my expectations to my Daddy, who causes things to work together exponentially better than I. Once I asked God to forgive me, and forgave the people on the end of my expectations, I was truly free! The power of forgiveness, or releasing that “something” into the almighty hands of God, brings healing, both inward and outward.

Is there an unmet expectation that gets you in that posture of bitterness? Is there something that you’ve held onto regarding a spouse, a parent, or another person or situation that you’ve let you have far too much space in your heart? Is there something that you want so badly that it’s all you can think about? I encourage you to talk to God about it, and then seek Him with your 100%. Give Him your mind, your decisions, your hope, and let Him guide you to health and wholeness.

Proverbs 13:12 says hope deferred makes the heart sick. When we have this hope in someone or something other than Jesus, our hearts become sick, weak and ill. Disappointment runs rampant when we have this maligned. And as we think in our heart, we are, so the condition of our hearts must be free and whole. Do you need to forgive someone? Do you need to ask for forgiveness and cut the strings of bitterness attached to your heart? Do you need to release an unmet expectation into the hands of Papa God? Do you need to trust Him to take care of you far better than your best self-sufficiency? God is faithful and gentle, and restores and repairs the broken heart. Let him plant seeds of hope and glorious expectations in your heart! You are the only person you can change, so take that step if need be today, and let God pour our His real, tangible love upon and within you today! Forgiveness releases freedom!!

I pray this begins you freedom and restoration, health and wholeness. Love you! If you have a testimony in this area, share!

Original drawing from here.. Added text.

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  1. So good Meghan. You’re such a blessing and encouragement to me (even though I only see you briefly each week!) I’m praying for you. <3

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