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What Does Love Look Like?

Food for the Spirit
January 7, 2014 / By / , , , , , / 2 Comments

Last night, we watched the most beautiful documentary I’ve seen, about a family’s life driven and steered by love.  It’s called “Compelled by Love” and follows Rolland and Heidi Baker’s lives in many nations of the world as they raise up an army of radical lovers.  I’ve never seen love embodied in anyone as I have seen in Heidi.  Here’s the site if you wanna check it out. The film is still playing for free on ibethel.org until tomorrow. 

The biggest takeaway resonates deeply within me:

Love looks like something.

To that family, love looks like going to the poorest country in the world, and living in the dirt among the people, showing unconditional love.  To them, love looks like adopting boys and girls, women and men, into the family, to show them they’re wanted and highly honored children of God Almighty.  To them, love looks like praying for complete healing of girls who have HIV and people with other horrendous diseases, and seeing them made 100% well and whole.  To them, love looks like seeing children freed (their goal is 1 million in their lifetime) from sex trafficking and child slavery.  To them, love looks like raising up an army of like-minded people who love people so radically that their lives are forever changed because they’ve encountered the fullness of Jesus. 

To them, love looks like something.

Because God is love, and God was in Jesus, we must embody crazy, over the top, and unexpected love.  What does love look like in your life?  

This is a call to walk in greater intimacy with our Lord Jesus.  This is a call to spend time letting Him shower love upon you, letting Him show you how great He is, and letting Him speak and guide you into every day.  {I had the thought, “What if I didn’t leave my house in the morning until I heard from God what He’d like me to do that day to bring Him honor and glory?”  I think my days would be quite different.}  From that place of deep intimacy, comes that tangible love we can give away.  Can you imagine the love that emanated from Jesus?    Can you imagine that type of love, the very currency of heaven, emanating from you?

What does love look like in your life? 

For me, love means taking time for the one.  It’s saying yes to God all of the time.  It means praying for people I know need a touch from the great Redeemer.  It means supporting people in need financially, in prayer, and in encouragement {and so so much more}.  It means honoring the least of these to the most of these.  It means adopting a nation in prayer.  It means using the gifts God’s written in my heart to honor people and glorify my King.  

We have religion running rampant, telling people “do this, don’t do that,” but do we have love?  Do we have the love of Jesus above all?  We don’t need religion.  We need Jesus–He is THE way, the truth and the life.  He will fill our hearts with this world-changing kind of love.  He will fill us with this people-embracing, circumstance-slaying, fearless type of love.  When I look back on my life, I desperately want to see, above all, that my love for people, my actions that were compelled by love, making outstanding differences.  I must not just talk about love, it must look like something.

Jesus said this, and we may as well make it our life motto, because true love embodies the fullness of Jesus. 

“By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

Join me today, in letting your soul and spirit become saturated and overwhelmed by the love of God.  From that place, let God show you what love looks like in your life.  And then say “Yes!” to Him.  This is a way of life, not a random act, a shift in priority and thinking.  Let love pick up the paint brush, and create a beautiful masterpiece of your life.  I truly believe we can change the world around us in this place. 

Let me know what love looks like in your life!

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  1. I’ve been reading a blog that has challenged me in this same way. It’s written by a woman who moved with her family to a super rough neighborhood so they could be love to the people there. Her language can be a little rough, but it’s challenged me to be and show love in my little world. And to teach my kids what love looks like. Here’s a link to one post: http://www.the-lifeartist.com/2013/08/07/when-love-smells-like-shit/

    Thanks for sharing, Meghan. <3

    • meghanbailey says:

      Love it!!! Thank you. I will check it out. I am greatly impacted by that doc on Heidi Baker. Sounds similar to the blog–only she’s in Mozambique. I accept the “challenge.” :)

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