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Hi! I'm Meghan. I'm glad you stopped by. My hope is whether through food for the body or food for the soul, this blog will encourage and inspire you. One of my loves is to encourage others in their journey. Along with that, I hope to share with you my love for food, fitness, and Jesus!

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When The Gym is Closed Workout

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December 31, 2012 / By / , , , , / Post a Comment

I love this workout! It is perfect for those days when the gym is closed or you just couldn’t make it. It kicks serious butt, and is a perfect balance of cardio and strength training. It reminds me of a tailored crossfit workout. I just include moves that work the muscles I am needing to train, with intermittent bouts of cardio.

It doesn’t require much in terms of equipment. If you have dumbbells, great! If not, improvise by grabbing something that will provide resistance. I have used rocks, tree stumps, paint cans, filled backpacks, you name it! This time I had 10 and 8 lb dumbbells.

The goal: 10 rounds
**you may have to work up to 10 rounds, so after a few, adjust it, then try to add another round (or two) the next time you give it a go.

The workout:
~10 dead lifts
~10 squats with bicep curls (I like wide curls)
~10 push-ups with 2 knees to elbows in between each rep
~10 kick downs (or knee/toe ups from a suspended bar) **sidenote. I feel the need to brag up my hubby here. He built a suspension bar in our garage up at our cabin using rope, a PVC pipe, and a pitchfork for rigidity. Awesome, right??
~200 meter fast run. To the truck and back in the pic below. (can be a sprint, but make it faster than a jog or trot)



Adjust the reps and/or distance as needed. Sometimes we just pick a spot to run to and from…just make sure you are running for at least one minute. Ours took us 3 minutes in the snow!

5 moves, that’s it! Go get em! Let me know how it went!

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