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Hi! I'm Meghan. I'm glad you stopped by. My hope is whether through food for the body or food for the soul, this blog will encourage and inspire you. One of my loves is to encourage others in their journey. Along with that, I hope to share with you my love for food, fitness, and Jesus!

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Toast topped with Eggs in a Pepper

FoodFood for the Body
September 12, 2012 / By / , , , , , / Post a Comment

This is a great breakfast for a brisk morning, or even a classic taste for lunch. It reminds me of the eggs in toast (one-eyed something?)

All you’ll need:

  • Red bell pepper, sliced in rings
  • 3 eggs (one whole and two whites)/per pepper ring
  • Seasoning of your choice (salt and pepp will do)
  • Opt: grated sharp cheese
  • Opt: avocado, sliced
  • Opt: toast

Grab the bell pepp, and slice away.



Heat a skillet or pan, and spray it lightly with olive oil. Place the peppers on the pan, and crack the 3 eggs into each ring. (I do one full egg, and 2 whites, but 2 whole eggs would be fine!)


Season with salt and pepp. Grate a little sharp cheddar (looove the aged white) over the top. Key word: little. Don’t get too crazy with it. A little of the sharp goes a long way.

Let the egg settle, then flip.

Serve it up. I added toast and avocado slices to mine. My hubs made a full on egg sammie.



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