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YUMMY! Grilled Jerk Pineapple!

April 25, 2011 / By / 1 Comment

I know! so so super good.  soooooooooo good. 

First off, i must give props to my friends Amy and Gary for turning me on to grilling pineapple in jerk sauce!  as if i need one more reason to love pineapple?  add HEAT!  yessssssss!


ok, do what you will.  your choice.  When i most recently made this glorious concoction, i was having friends over for an early sunday dinner (more like “linner”) and i wanted to do something on the grill, as the weather is *almost* there for grilling.  almost.  and i hadn’t PLANNED on making this.  it was kind of a last minute “hey, it’s yummy!” kind of thing…

so…I used store bought sauce.  yes, i know.  But i am a realist.  and the truth is, it is HARD to do it all, and time savers are KEY.  So i bought one marked “all natural, no artificial colors or flavors”. (see how smart i am?  i thought that “all natural, no artificial flavors and colors” actually means that they don’t process heavily with chemicals and add crappy things to it.  but i was wrongCorn Syrup was just one cast member in a parade of ingredient funkiness –i read after i got the sauce home.  oh well.)  I used it anyway, it was great.  mmmm, chemicals taste GOOD.

but going forward, i am going to use this recipe for Jamaican Jerk sauce instead of the canned stuff.


Whole Pineapple

Jerk Sauce (recipe above in links) or jarred (no guilt, just sayin’ if you CAN, make it at home!)

a container for marinading

Skewers (reusable)

1) Chop Pineapple!

chop off the top and bottom of a pineapple, then placing the pineapple on the cutting board, slice the spiky skin off the fruit.  slice top to bottom, rotating the fruit as you go.  you will end up with strips of the spiky skin that you can toss.

Quarter the fruit by slicing in half top to bottom, and place it flat side down, again slicing it the ‘long’ way.  you will have 4 pieces.  look to the core of the pineapple – you need to remove the core – it is tough and yucky for our purposes.  slice in lengthwise.  toss all the cores.

now make some pineapple spears by cutting it up…they should be 2-3 inches long and thick enough to skewer.

2) Marinade…

Marinate for as long as you can – a few hours should do it, but overnight would be great!  I used a bag, but any container will do.

I was also making a fruit salad, so that’s the bowl of smaller pineapple in the back.  near the ‘all natural” marinade.

3)  Skewer – and grill!

it might be time for gloves of you are a sensitive type.

the pineapple was wet and floppy, so my husband kind of laced them on the skewer.  he pre heated the grill on medium…and stayed nearby as they caramelized and got the cool grill lines on them.  He even sauntered in pronouncing them ‘fantastic’.

Pineapple Before:

Et VOILA!  C’est magnifique!

my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Are you wondering HOW in the HECK this is a weight management recipe?  well here’s the skinny…it’s kinda sorta not!  I mean, technically, th1s recipe will not help you power through a 2 hour workout or keep hunger at bay all afternoon with a balance of proteins and carbs….  but not all food has to.  our lives need balance, and i put this in because we need variety and fun, and this is a simple pleasurable side dish that might inspire you to have a little experiment and try new combinations of food!  and who knows, if you have sweet and spicy pineapple with dinner, you might stay away from the dorito bag!


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