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To Count or Not to Count? Calories, that is

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April 8, 2011 / By / , , / 1 Comment

Well let’s establish first thing first:  Diets DO NOT work.  It leads to bingeing and cravings beyond control!  It’s about eating food that’s “low to the ground.”  There will be more on that later.

Counting calories may work for you, or it may not!

If you’d like to count calories, here are a few tips on your calculations.


  1. 1 pound = 3500 calories.
  2. If you are looking to lose pounds, try cutting 500 calories a day.  (That’s a soda and a handful of chips)
  3. The number of calories you take on each day depends on your size and the amount of activity you do.  A general recommendation for the bare minimum is 11.45 x your weight.  That should be a BASE.  Then you need to adjust if you’re working out, etc.

Example:  150 lbs x 11.45= 1717.5  That means you have a MINIMUM of 1717 calories a day.

Then, if this person exercises, you can add those calories back.  (BE CAREFUL!  People tend to overestimate how many calories they burn!  Either get a heart rate monitor, bodybugg, or another tool to help you track the burnage.   Everyone is different, so it’s best to get a piece of equipment to help you gauge your levels.   Light activity usually will burn 200 calories/hour.  Medium activity 400, and high intensity can start around 600.)  But it’s best not to guesstimate!

Then if you’re wanting to lose weight, subtract 500, and you’ll have an idea to how many calories to take in.

Base amt of calories + calories used from exercise (-500 optional for weight loss) = Total calories per day

Example:  1717 + 500 (ran for exercise and burned 500 calories) – 500 (to lose weight)= 1717 total calories.

  1. The types of calories your body gets is extremely important.  Heard of “empty” calories?  You want to be feeding your body calories that it can use, ie. high in nutrients.  Empty calories usually come wrapped or in a bag, and sometimes even a can!  (candy, chips, soda, etc)
  2. Stock up your fridge with lots of colors—green veggies, red veggies, and healthy meats like lean beef, turkey and chicken.  If you’re looking for more specific info about how many grams of minerals and other nutrients, you should consult an expert!

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  1. Nice information. Very easy to understand. I will check in often for some more wisdom

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